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Placing talent where it’s needed, when it’s needed, to achieve desired mission outcomes


The modern workforce is changing faster than ever before. Government faces further workforce challenges due to accelerating retirement rates, a shortage of qualified technical applicants and competition from the private sector. As government continues to transform to meet current IT modernization challenges, a partner that can guide, solution, supplement, inform and perform is what we can provide. We’ve worked with some of the largest government FedCiv and DoD agencies on some of the biggest IT modernization challenges they have faced.



In a virtual meeting world, the government needs to be able to hold video conferences on demand. Our engineers can provide audio visual support to ensure video conferencing, displays, mics, speakers, as well as recording and streaming are always working as intended

Unified Communication

Call centers are becoming cloud-based and require specific skillsets to deploy and operate. In a complex, vast and demanding world, the federal government needs capable and qualified engineers and contractors to help support their missions and keep their call center equipment up and operational 24×7.


The proliferation of corporate-owned mobile devices, agile environments, and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) initiatives introduce a unique set of requirements that, when coupled with expected services (voice, video, etc.), requires that a sophisticated infrastructure be present. Presidio Federal helps with providing staff that understands the fast-growing wireless technologies, FedRamp policies, STIG and FIPS compliance, and knows how to design and support an Enterprise grade wireless network.


The enterprise network is evolving and will continue to do so. Each vendor whether the architecture includes Cisco, Arista or Aruba as some examples have their own capabilities that encompass SDWAN, VXLAN, and other SDN management solutions. Presidio Federal’s far-reaching partnerships allow us to staff projects and augment staff with capable, certified engineers that know how to meet the demand of the evolving network.


Compute has been transformed over the last 20 years and is no longer siloed to individual servers or desktops, while these remain important and exist in every environment across the federal government. Presidio Federal helps customers with their legacy environments, current traditional hypervisor environments such as VMware and Hyper-V, but also maturing environments supporting containerization. Let Presidio Federal’s cleared resources help support your environment.

Data Center

Data centers have evolved over the last two decades from single closets to now include geographically disbursed multi-cloud and on premises environments. Where your data lives, providing access to it, and security for it has become an increasingly complex part of business operations. Presidio Federal and our partners understand and deliver solutions to address the needs of your specific complex environment.

Workforce Transformation

We provide training or supplement the government workforce where needed to ensure that existing government staffs can meet current technology challenges

Multi-tier Help Desk Support

Our call centers are available to deal with citizens’ circumstances unique to each government agency’s mission

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