Securing Government Data
is Critical to National

We guide government agencies toward a
strong cybersecurity posture


Cybersecurity forms the backbone of IT infrastructure. From endpoints to supply chains, strong cybersecurity measures are crucial for protecting the IT environments of federal agencies.

The rise of remote work, rapid cloud adoption, a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals, and an ever-evolving threat landscape pose significant challenges for agencies. At Presidio Federal, we serve as a partner who can guide you with a strategy that not only strengthens, but transforms your cybersecurity posture.



As the lines between the Internet, intranets, and partnerships blur, we leverage both macro-segmentation (segmenting a demilitarized zone, internal networks, and the Internet) and micro-segmentation (granular and flexible application controls) to diffuse the attack surface and create robust barriers against threats.

Endpoint Detection and Response / Network Detection and Response

With the shift from on-premises security models to cloud-based access policies, the endpoints have become prime targets. EDR and NDR are cybersecurity solutions that can help your organization detect, respond to, and prevent a wide array of security threats.

Security Information and Event Management / Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response

Our SIEM capabilities provide continuous monitoring and, when combined with SOAR, enable intelligent automation to streamline incident response and significantly reduce recovery times.

Identity Access Management

IAM has evolved beyond simple user credentials to a full catalog of an organization’s enterprise IT assets. As a result, IAM allows for the creation and implementation of policies that ensure secure, authenticated interactions with your technology resources, adopting scalable authentication methods like multi-factor authentication and certificates.

Zero Trust Architecture

Aligned across the five pillars of zero trust maturity model (Identity, Devices, Networks, Applications/Workloads, Data), you gain comprehensive control over your data security. Whether you’re starting your ZTA journey or have a mature environment, we can support your transition and maintain your momentum.

Risk Management Framework

RMF provides a process which integrates security, privacy, and cyber supply chain risk management into the system development life cycle. This enables us to select and specify controls that are effective, efficient, and compliant with applicable laws, directives, policies, standards, and regulations.

Trusted Internet Connections

By removing cloud barriers, consolidating external internet connections, and accelerating federal cloud transformation, we can develop a TIC 3.0 architecture and enhanced security capabilities, offering a catalog of scalable solutions and best practices.


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