Enabling Government
Digital Infrastructure

Partnering to Create the Foundation Government Builds Upon


At minimum, the systems, platforms, applications, and devices necessary to get work done in your current environment need to be integrated, reliable and secure. Beyond that, government needs strong analytics to help improve citizen experiences, reduce costs, and access to the people who will help you adapt when inevitable change occurs.


Site Survey Engineering

Mapping, guiding, planning, designing infrastructure that is based on the specific needs and business process of the government and their mission.

Systems & Network Engineering

Guiding , architecting, building, implementing and integrating , network solutions.

  • LAN Technologies – Ensuring communication between devices connected to your local area network
  • Network Transport – Designing the path your data will travel ensuring security and redundancy
  • WAN Design – Design methodology providing network access for remote sites for both wired and wireless users
  • Wireless – Bringing together users from multiple devices globally leveraging appropriate wireless networks
  • Validated Circuit/Path Diversity – Establishing procedures to associate a certificate to a trust anchor and confirm that the certificate is valid for use

NOC/SOC Design and Operations

Maintaining technical infrastructure within a Network Operations Center while also running a Security Operations Center that monitors for threats and ensures data protection.

Data Center Consolidation

Streamlining IT systems to achieve the greatest security, reliability, and ROI

Internet of Things (IoT)

Connecting all your smart devices to the appropriate networks with the analytical support that drives decision making

Perimeter Solutions

Securing the edge and access to the Crown Jewels

Information Technology (IT) Solution Systems

Maintenance and management of the systems that drive government for FedCiv and DoD

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