Presidio Federal Center of

Our Center of Excellence is a shared environment that provides leadership, best practices, research, and support in different areas of government IT modernization. We chose to tackle this one topic at a time –aligned with our growth platforms. We invite you to explore.


The current environment has made it necessary for many of us to do business differently than before. We’ve created a set of resources that uses technology to give government users control over finding, storing, rating, and sharing according to their interests. Exploring and engaging will tell us how we are doing.


Collaboration Center of excellence in today’s hybrid workplace, collaboration is a feature of modern government. Enhance productivity regardless of where collaborators reside, secure your agency’s data through appropriate access, and get assistance with your digital transformation.


As stewards of citizens’ sensitive and private data, a comprehensive security strategy is crucial for government agencies. Discover the power of a zero-trust architecture, learn how to secure your infrastructure, and find the tools you need to address modern security challenges


We will continue to drill-down on topics that our customers tell us are important. Guide us with your feedback.


Why did Presidio Federal create this COE?

Presidio Federal’s solution architects and engineers are constantly working with customers to solve agency challenges, and evaluating partners’ technologies that can solve those problems. We wanted to devise a place to put our best information and ideas. We also wanted to devise a way that federal government technologists could find, store, share and build on this information.

This Center of Excellence is our way of sharing what we know in a way that gives users control.

How do I use it?

You can start by sampling the content we’ve put on this page. But we strongly encourage you to create a profile so you’ll have access to your own “Dashboard” where you can follow content categories, receive notifications, and get content recommendations. Our “Discover” area allows you to browse and sort all published content according to your interests. Finally, your “Library” is home to all the content you have saved.

You can share, rate, bookmark, favorite, or follow any piece of content in the COE. The more you interact with the content the more useful you will find the tool.

You can also use it to interact with our team. Use the chat bot to ask for information or get to one of our solution architects. You can also provide us with feedback using the orange bar on the left side of any screen of the COE.

What if I have a great idea for something that should be added?

Please use the orange “Feedback” button on the left side of any screen to provide us with ideas or feedback.

What if I have a question?

Please use the chat icon that appears on the bottom right corner of any page to ask a question. The AI technology should be able to get you what you need or will refer your question further so you can be contacted by someone on our team.

What if I want more information?

Use the “Contact Us” that you see in the navbar at the top of the site to make a request.

Will you be adding other topics?

Our plan is to continue to expand upon the topics of cybersecurity and collaboration that you see here. Use the orange feedback button on the left side of any page on the COE to send us your ideas.