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Trevor Patch

Discover How to Deploy AWS Cloud9 IDE on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Learn step by step how to deploy AWS Cloud9 on an Ubuntu 22.04 LTS T3.medium instance, and install popular automation tools.

Mike Sabo

Securing IOS Conference Bridges in Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Introduction As agencies adapt to the increasing security requirements in the federal government, encrypting VoIP traffic remains a critical necessity to maintain...

Trevor Patch

How Terraform Empowers Infrastructure as Code: Exploring Pre-Commit Hooks and Workflow Efficiency

Terraform, a key tool in IaC, enables users to manage infrastructure through code. It’s widely adopted due to its compatibility with major...

Trevor Patch

Transitioning to an Application-Centric Cloud: Exploring Pull Models and Self-Service Platforms

Two primary models for infrastructure state management, push and pull, are introduced. The push model involves the cloud team triggering the CI/CD...